Fashion Your Future

Phase 1

#TFIFYF Bootcamp runs from July 4 – August 3 and includes 4 weeks of FULL-TIME,  intensive training. After successfully completing bootcamp, all grads will receive a FREE one-year Outreach membership to the Toronto Fashion Incubator which offers year-round mentoring support. PLUS, based on daily attendance and assignment scores, the TOP 10 bootcamp grads will advance to Phase 2.

Bootcamp topics include:

  • Business Planning
  • Costing and Pricing
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Designing a Cohesive Collection
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Branding
  • Communication and Social Media

Phase 2

From August 8 to September 8, the TOP 10 bootcamp graduates will receive $1,000 in micro-financing to develop and produce a 10 – 15 piece spring 2018 sample accessory collection using mentor guidance and resources.

  • In order to confirm participation in Phase 2, the TOP 10 bootcamp grads will pitch their business idea to a panel of industry experts.
  • Once confirmed to advance to Phase 2, 10 participants will be matched with a professional maker-mentor to develop and price a 10 – 15 piece accessory line for the spring 2018 season.
  • In order to access the $1,000 micro grant, participants must submit receipts and/or quotes using our #TFIFYF templates. Examples of eligible costs may include: materials and supplies to develop products, display fixtures, printing costs and/or development of marketing materials.

Phase 3

After successfully completing Phase 2 and developing a line of 10 – 15 spring 2018 accessory samples, the designers will pitch their line and a 3-year business plan to a panel of industry experts. Only the TOP 5 from Phase 2 will proceed to Phase 3 which runs from September 11 to October 31. In this final stage of #TFIFYF, participants receive ongoing support and training, additional funding, a look book photo shoot, the opportunity to participate in the Toronto Fashion Incubator’s Press & Buyers Trade Show taking place in October AND a FREE limited time offer of studio workspace at the Toronto Fashion Incubator.

  • The TOP 5 designers at the end of Phase 2 all receive an additional $2,000 micro grant to further develop the business and to prepare for tradeshow orders and costs. Examples of eligible costs may include: materials and supplies to produce orders, packaging supplies, display materials and/or marketing costs etc.

Wrap around Support

  • Daily lunch during Phase 1 bootcamp for everyone who’s eligible and enrolled
  • TTC fare for scheduled field trips
  • A FREE, one year TFI Outreach membership for one year of additional mentoring support for bootcamp grads
  • Bootcamp grads will also be invited to TFI’s Meet & Mingle business networking socials and 4 TFI seminars in 2017 at no additional cost

Program Eligibility

  • Must provide proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status with a Canadian SIN card on the FIRST DAY OF BOOTCAMP
  • Must provide proof of age (you’re aged between 20-29 at the start of the program)
  • You attended a TFIFYF INFO session earlier this year (this is a PREREQUISITE)
  • You’re not a full-time student or returning to school this year
  • You’re available full-time from July 4 – August 3, 2017 to attend daily Bootcamp
  • You’re available to participate in all phases of the program
  • You live and work in Ontario
  • You’re not enrolled in any other Ontario Self Employment Programs or Ontario Employment Benefits Programs
  • You’ll agree to sign and follow TFI’s Code of Conduct